About Us


Kravit Architectural Associates, Inc. is a full-service architectural firm that provides both architectural and interior design services. Since our founding in 1985, we have completed over 15 million square feet of office space and have designed more than 5 million square feet of buildings valued at over $750 million.

While our project vary in size, scope, complexity, location, and design solutions, the commitment to excellence is a common denominator that unifies our work. 

Describing our firm in terms of numbers alone tells only part of the story. What cannot be conveyed in quantitative terms are our most important assets: our clients and our people. In describing our client relationships, the single most important element is trust. Clients rely on us to implement design solutions that are responsive to functional and aesthetic needs and are completed on time and within budget. Based on client requirements. we can provide comprehensive services including feasibility studies, site evaluation, architectural design. space programming and planning, interior architectural design, renovationiremodel services, graphic design and facility management. Client confidence in the quality of these services is evidenced by the fact that 90 percent of our business is generated from past and present clients. They range in size from small businesses to the largest corporations. We design projects such as professional offices, restaurants, retail stores, medical facilities and corporate headquarters. 

The diversity of our client base, coupled with a management philosophy that is employee oriented, has enabled Kravit Architectural Associates to attract and keep some or the most talented and dedicated professionals available. Every project involves the firms principal, who remains on the project from start to finish.